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How It All Began


In 2014 our founder, Sonny, had several shelves bulging with a growing collection of spirits. Friday and Saturday nights were dedicated (and still are) to mixing cocktails and sampling… lots of sampling. Passionate about the number of cocktails he wanted to mix but frustrated with the number of ingredients he could afford, the idea for Tipple Box was born.


Sonny spent the summer of 2014 selling the very first Tipple Boxes at markets and craft festivals. Armed with some plain boxes, hand-written recipe cards and borrowing his cousin’s rickety van, Sonny travelled from Edinburgh to Inverness to exhibit at a craft alcohol event. Amazingly he went on to sell 12 of the very first boxes.


Since that slapdash trip to Inverness we have consistently refined and improved every Tipple Box. We source directly from premium partners to ensure all of our cocktails are remarkable. Each Cocktail Kit delivers everything you need to make delicious cocktails at home. With two expertly curated recipes that include four 50ml’s of spirits and exclusive ingredients, alongside additional goodies including gourmet snacks and a monthly insert with the latest cocktail news.


In our experience, we have found that our Tipple Boxes are best enjoyed shared with a friend or partner. We love to see our customer’s creations. Remember to share your wonderful cocktails and exquisite spirits with us on social media using #TagMyTipple.

Sonny Charles, Founder of Tipple Box

Selling our very first Tipple Boxes in 2014

Selling our very first Tipple Boxes in 2014

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  • A nice thing to do as a couple when you want to enjoy your weekend in without the hassle of leaving home.

    Laura & Danny, Two Humans Living
  • Favourite part of my month

    Phoebe Wyburd
  • You've made my Friday once again

    Katie Harrison
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