5 new gins to look out for

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Words: Matt Looker

Here are a few new and exciting brands to look out for when looking to expand your gin collection.

We all know that there are currently more gin brands on the market than you can shake a whole juniper shrub at, and so it’s impossible – as hard as we might try – to taste and recommend them all.

We can at least try to keep our finger on the pulse of the gin industry (the ‘gindustry’ as it should rightfully be called) and take a look at some of the new and upcoming gins made available on the market.

Here are a few new and exciting brands to look out for when looking to expand your gin collection.

Mean Gin 

Image: © Cocktail Chap 

Yes, it’s true that there are hundreds of different gins available, but for the true perfectionist, that’s simply not good enough. Chris Rogerson, the founder of Mean Gin, is one such stickler with a dream: to create his own gin recipe after finding so many others unsatisfactory. After 18 months, he finally settled on 10 botanicals: angelica root, coriander, cardamom, cassia bark, cubeb berries, well-balanced grains of paradise,  juniper, lemon peel, rosehip and sweet orange peel.

Finally ready and launched only this year, the result is a zesty citrus flavour with a hint of well-balanced dry taste. Aside from the obvious gin and tonic (garnished with a recommended orange peel), above is one of Mean Gin’s proposed signature serves: a Negroni Sour, as featured in our 5 ways to pimp your Negroni blog post.

Lilliput Dorset Gin

Image: © Cocktail Chap

Launched in January 2017, this fresh, refreshing gin aims to encapsulate “our desire to escape to the beautiful Dorset coastline”. With more than a hint of the Mediterranean within its ingredients, including organic basil from Egypt, organic Thyme from Spain and organic water fermented Kalamata olives from Greece, the intention is clear: this is a light gin with a focus on quality. And it’s a clear success. 

The suggested serve here is to pair the gin with Mediterranean flavours, such as rosemary and olives, but this is also an incredibly versatile gin. To show that, the above shows a fruitier option: adding passion fruit with a splash of lime and Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic. 


Image: © Cocktail Chap

Here’s one that hasn’t even launched yet! KURO gin is set to launch in July, but I was given an early preview, which is just about the most exciting thing that can happen for any gin fan. At 43%, this is a premium gin which has a full-bodied, creamy taste. The over-riding flavour here though is earthy, thanks to bamboo activated charcoal and silver birch giving it an alpine freshness.

With such a strong flavour, this is a perfect gin for more complex cocktails. In the picture above, I took KURO’s earthy taste as the impetus to mix two shots with muddled cucumber, a shot of lime juice, half a shot of elderflower liqueur, half a shot of homemade lime basil syrup and some cucumber bitters. The result is a wonderful garden-inspired drink!

Tiger Gin

Image: © Cocktail Chap

Launched originally in 2016, Tiger Gin soon found itself at the centre of a legal battle after Heineken Asia Pacific PTE challenged the trademark on behalf of its own Tiger Beer. Luckily, owner JJ Lawrence stuck to his guns and won the case, embodying the literal spirit animal of his own product. It also belies the quite sweet flavour of the gin, which contains liquorice root, coriander seeds, cinnamon and a clear lemon zest finish.

As for the last ingredient, a simple G&T here could easily be served up with just a slice of lemon to play on that flavour even more.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

Image: © Cocktail Chap

Ok, so this is a flavoured gin, and we have already covered unique flavoured spirits recently, but this is just too intriguing not to include here. Australian gin brand Four Pillars have pulled off the unthinkable and created a Shiraz-flavoured gin by using grapes direct from Yarra Valley. The result is a spicy, fruity taste – most obviously pepper and raspberry - with an alpine aroma.

Four Pillars suggested serve for this is the Bloody Jasmine, which sees 20ml of the gin shaken with 20ml each of Campari, dry curacao and lemon juice along with a dash of orange bitters.

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