Introducing January's Cocktail Club Box

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A sneak peek inside January's Tipple Box.

Kick-start your year with our revitalising and refreshing cocktails.

It’s the start of the New Year and you’re undoubtedly still feeling the effects of all the Christmas indulgence. So, our January box is here with everything you need for a little detox. Sit back, relax and we’ll take care of the details…

Kick-start your year with our revitalising and refreshing cocktails. Getting you back on track we have a vitamin fueled Bloody Mary and fiery Moscow Mule.

To make January’s cocktails, we’re giving you the chance to taste two of Hughes Craft Distillery spirits with RubyBlue Potato Vodka and RubyBlue Chilli Pepper Liqueur.

As many jump into Dry January, we’ve ensured this month’s featured cocktails can be switched to delicious mocktails as you can enjoy our alternative recipes for the Virgin Mary and Moscow Mare. Just check out the alternative recipe featured on January’s cocktail recipe cards! 


We’ve a double treat from Hughes Craft Distillery with their award-winning RubyBlue Spirits. You’ll be tasting their well-rounded creamy vodka and fiery chilli pepper liqueur as the spirits perfectly complement our refreshing and revitalising cocktails.

To mix things up, you’ll be enjoying Fever Tree Ginger Beer as the perfect match to our Moscow Mule with its long-lasting ginger flavour alongside Schweppes Tomato Juice for a tasty Bloody Mary.

January’s Tipple Box also features an added kick from Little Devil with their all-in-one Bloody Spice sachets, containing a secret spice essence to reinvigorate your at-home Bloody Mary experience to make you discover a new side to the spicy yet sour cocktail.


Kickstart your New Year the right way by sorting out your monthly cocktail deliveries for the year ahead!

Our subscription packages are available in bundles up to 12 months so you can have a box delivered directly to your door each month with brand new recipes.

It’s time to enjoy cocktails at home without the fuss, leftovers or confusing recipes!

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