Summer of Gin - Boe

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Dating back to the 1910’s, the Aviation cocktail was invented at a time when the first commercial flights were beginning to take place. Flying was an absolute luxury only affordable to the super wealthy - much like the Aviation cocktail itself, at a time when almost all alcohol was outlawed in America!

Rumoured to have been sipped by pilots and passengers (perhaps for Dutch courage) before taking flight. The modern Aviation, combines the flavours of violet and cherry, producing a cocktail similar in colour to a beautiful summers sky.



  • 25ml Violet Gin


    20ml Cherry Liqueur

  • 25ml Lemon Juice

  • 10ml Sugar Syrup

  • Martini Glass
  • A Cherry To Garnish


Into your shaker, pour your gin, cherry liqueur, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Fill the shaker with some cubed ice and shake vigorously. Place a cherry into the bottom of a martini glass, then strain your cocktail into the glass, avoiding getting any ice in the glass. Sip and enjoy!


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