Summer of Gin - Boe

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If you like a splash of flavour to your gin, Boe is the distillery for you...

The Throsk distillery’s Scottish Gin may remain our firm favourite for a traditional taste, however, Boe Gin is renowned for their flavourful brightly coloured concoctions including their famous Violet Gin!

This week, Boe is our Gin of the Week!


Boe is an award-winning range of gins which are distilled in the village of Throsk, near Stirling. 

Launching their first bottle of gin in 2009, Boë is named after the man who is believed to have first created gin, Franciscus Sylvius who was born Franz de le Boë.

Boë’s first gin was soon joined by their range of popular flavoured releases, including Boë Violet Gin, Boe Scottish Bramble liqueur and Boë Peach and Hibiscus liqueurs and their latest release Boë Passion Gin.

Our selected spirit from the Boë family is their famous Scottish Gin

Using an old-fashioned Carterhead still system to create their range of gins, Boe’s Scottish Gin was inspired by the original Dutch genever recipe. Combining rare handpicked botanicals and spices, including coriander, cardamom, cubeb berry and cassia bark, Boe’s Scottish Gin is a classic gin with a hint of citrus.


Each distillery has created their own perfect serves which we’ll be sharing across our Summer of Gin so you can enjoy a G&T as the distillers intended!

Citrus, spice and all things nice… that is what Boe’s Scottish Gin is made of! That’s why we reckon it perfectly pairs with Indian tonic and orange to add a refreshing citrus splash...

The Boe Gin & Tonic Recipe:

  • 25ml Boe Scottish Gn
  • 50ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water
  • Garnish - Orange Slice

Method: Add cubed ice to the gin glass of your choice and pour over Boe Scottish Gin. Top with Indian tonic water and garnish with a freshly cut slice of orange.


The Tipple Box Boë Gin and Tonic Set features four types of Boe Gin giving you the chance to try a taster of the distillery’s top spirits and liqueurs, alongside two bottles of perfectly paired Fever-Tree tonic water, with enough ingredients to enjoy up to eight gin and tonics per box - or four glasses of gin and tonic if you prefer your gin and tonics a little on the stronger side!

The Boe Gin and Tonic Set features the popular Violet Gin, the delicious flavours of Scottish Bramble and the sweet Peach and Hibiscus Liqueur!

All you need to do is make sure you’ve ice in the freezer and garnishes at-hand!


To celebrate Boe Gin as our featured gin of the week, we’ve teamed up with the distillery to give you a chance to win a full-sized bottle of Boe Scottish Gin and a Tipple Box Boe Gin and Tonic Set!

With the chance to enjoy Boe’s traditional flavour alongside trying out the flavoured editions in our specially curated gin and tonic set, it’s a bumper prize from Boe!


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