Bramble Cocktail Recipe

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How To Make A Bramble Cocktail

Learn how to make a Bramble cocktail with our easy to follow recipe.


A contemporary cocktail classic that can be found on almost every cocktail menu in the UK, the Bramble was created by Dick Bradsell in his London bar, Fred’s Club, in the 1980’s. Fred’s was a members-only club, filled with musicians and famous faces alike, throughout the 80’s the Bramble was a favourite amongst the likes of Boy George and Naomi Campbell.

The drink is easily identifiable from the combining effect of liqueur with the gin, lemon, and syrup mix inside the glass. Our take on the Bramble makes it easier to get the visual mixing effect of the spirits in the glass - by working in reverse! Follow our recipe below for a Bramble with the wow factor!


  • 50ml Premium Gin
  • 10ml Blackcurrant Liqueur
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 10ml Sugar Syrup



Fill a shaker with some ice. Pour in your gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup - leave out your bramble liqueur for now! Shake it up, and place to one side. Grab your Old Fashioned glass and pour your bramble liqueur into the bottom. Now, fill the glass with crushed ice. Pour your cocktail mixture over the ice, then garnish your drink with a slice of lemon and a fresh, ripe blackberry on a cocktail stick. Use the stick to stir and mix the cocktail as you drink.


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