March’s Cocktail Club - The Classics

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Prepare to delve into March's Cocktail Club box featuring two world-renowned cocktails.

OH MY GOD, can you believe it’s March already Tipplers?!

After dousing out Dry January with our Ginuary cocktail extravaganza, we brought you some of the most feel-good cocktails ever in good were those French Martinis?

This March we’re delving into two world-renowned classic cocktails that have stood the test of time, with a box that’s bursting with fresh new cocktail products for you to try.

March’s cocktail box is an initiation into the elusive Martini club - we’re giving you the inside scoop on how to mix up the perfect Gin Martini - James Bond eat your heart out!

Learn to shake & stir up this gem of a drink, and find out whether you like it dirty along the way...(behave!)

Alongside the Martini, we’re giving you the chance to shake the scrumptious gin cocktail known as the Tom Collins.

Before Sex In The City brought the Cosmo into fashion, the Tom Collins was the cocktail on everyone’s lips in New York's trendiest Cocktail Lounges.

For these classic cocktails, we’ve teamed up with none other than the craft gin that started it all - Martin Miller's.

One of our all-time favourite gins at Tipple Box HQ, there’s a perfect spirit for every drink, and we promise once you’ve had a Martin Miller's Martini there’s no going back!

P.S. You’ll want to grab a lemon and a cherry two to garnish these cocktails to perfection! A Martini glass is essential, and a Collins glass too if you want to serve these up as they were meant to be - they are classics after all!

There’s a reason these classic cocktails have remained at the forefront of cocktail culture for over 100 years - and our March box proves exactly why!

For anyone still missing out on joining our cocktail club, there’s still time to get March’s box - hurry though, we’ve only got a few left and these Martini’s won’t last for long!

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