Tippler's Treats: Clearspring Seaveg Crispies

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Tuck into the tale behind September's snack Clearspring Seaveg Crispies.

As the history of rum is inseparably linked to the sea, our September featured snack is Clearspring’s Seaveg Crispies.

With the goal of getting organic food back on the dining table, Clearspring work with sustainable organic farmers to help benefit local communities while producing delicious healthy snacks.

Perfect for tucking in on-the-trot or sitting back and snacking, Clearspring’s Seaveg Crispies are a bag of light, thin and crispy toasted nori snacks that are made with just four simple ingredients.

The Nori is grown in the clear waters off the coast of Korea and baked with unrefined sea salt and organic sesame oil and rapeseed oil.

Baked for a few seconds to produce a nutritious snack which is gluten free, high and fibre and low in calories, each bag is also MSG free and contains no additives or preservatives.

Enhancing dishes and delighting the senses with a range of flavours, textures and colours, seaweed has been consumed in different parts of the world since ancient times, providing a dietary source of iodine and vitamins.

Clearspring’s vegan-friendly snack can be enjoyed on its own, with sushi or sprinkled over salads to add some crunch to your day.

Discover more about Clearspring’s range of Japanese inspired snacks via clearspring.co.uk.

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