Introducing our August Cocktail Club Box

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Our August box is a triple gin bonanza from Scottish distillery Boë - including their famed violet gin!

Can you believe it’s August already? 

We’re eight months into the year and so far, we’ve given you the chance to try 14 delicious cocktails, so, what’s next?

Our August box is a triple gin bonanza from Scottish distillery Boë - including their famed violet gin!

Featuring everything you need to recreate classic gin cocktails at home, our August Cocktail Club box will be delivered direct to your door.


Each month, we delve into the latest cocktail trends and August is no different as we embrace violet gin.

Affectionately known as ‘Parma Violet’ gin, it tastes exactly like the childhood favourite and offers a twist on traditional and existing gin flavours.

Many distilleries opt to use this unusual floral taste within a liqueur, but Boë have infused their Scottish gin with violets creating a gin with an 41.5% ABV.

This Month’s Cocktails

The Aviation

Dating back to the 1910’s, the Aviation cocktail was invented at a time when the first commercial flights were beginning to take off .

 Rumour has it, the cocktail was sipped by pilots and passengers (perhaps for a little Dutch courage!) before taking flight. 

The Aviation began its life as a prestigious cocktail as it came into fashion around the time alcohol was prohibited, making it a sophisticated sip. 

It’s bright violet colour with a splash of cherry liqueur makes it a picture perfect cocktail so make sure you get snapping for our #TagMyTipple competition this month!

The Bramble

Simple to make and no shaker required, the Bramble is a contemporary classic that can be found on almost every cocktail menu.

The drink is thought to be the British equivalent to the Cosmopolitan thanks to its gin and blackberry infusion creating an easy to sip cocktail with the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

The Bramble was first created in London by world-famous bartender Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in the 1980s.

Fred’s Club was an exclusive spot in the city that was for members only and was frequented by those in the music business and fans of the Bramble are said to include Boy George and Siouxsie and The Banshees.

Inside August’s Box 

Boë Scottish Gin

Named after the inventor of gin, Professor Franz de la Boë, Boë Scottish Gin is a classic London dry gin made with a combination of 13 botanicals.

Boë Violet Gin

Widely referred to as  a ‘Parma Violet Gin’, Boë infuse their Scottish Gin with violets to create a bold colour and delicate taste, with a sweet perfumed aroma.

 Boë Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur

For a truly Scottish taste, Boë infuse their gin with Scottish brambles creating a rich and fruity liqueur.

Heron Valley Lemon Juice

Using ripe, juicy Sicilian lemons, Heron Valley’s Lemon Juice is gently pasteurised to ensure a freshly squeezed taste in every bottle.

Friary Cherry Liqueur

Made from ripe cherries that are slowly fermented to capture their aroma and flavours, Friary infuse the fruit with an oak matured French brandy.

Sugar Syrup

A home-bar essential, sugar syrup will add a sweet kick to your cocktails.

Why Join?

A Tipple Box subscription takes all the hassle out of cocktail making at home.

Forget complicated hard-to-source ingredients and conflicting recipes, a Tipple Box contains everything you need to enjoy delicious cocktails at home without a trip to the shops.

Each box contains enough ingredients to enjoy two delicious recipes with two glasses of each cocktail - perfect for sharing our treating yourself!

Cocktail Club members also have access to our exclusive member’s area with the chance to collect points to redeem against loyalty products alongside unique referral codes to share with their friends!

What are you waiting for? 

Join now to enjoy two delicious gin cocktails at home!

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