Introducing our September Cocktail Box

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Our September Tipple Box features Dead Man’s Fingers Rum with two of their flavoured editions - coffee and coconut!

Autumn is almost upon us and the weather is transitioning from sun-kissed nights to crisp evenings.

We might be heading back indoors, as we move from al fresco drinks to cocktails cosied in front of the TV, but we’re bringing a tropical paradise to your front room with our September subscription box.

Our September Tipple Box features Dead Man’s Fingers Rum with two of their flavoured editions - coffee and coconut.

We’re bringing Tiki tipples to town this month as we celebrate rum’s rise to the top by shaking up two of the world’s most famous rum cocktails.

Encapsulating the taste of the Caribbean in our cocktails, we’ve added a little British twist with Dead Man's Fingers Rum from Cornwall.

This month’s cocktails

Pina Colada

The sun might be disappearing for another year, but we’re not giving up on the summer vibes with this tropical delight as it’s time to get a Puerto Rican kick with a Pina Colada!

The Pina Colada translates to strained pineapple in Spanish and was originally served to sailors as a pick-me-up.

If you like Pina Coladas… there’s even a soundtrack while you sip thanks to Rupert Holmes’ ‘Escape’!


Grab yourself a Hawaiian shirt, the Tiki takeover has begun! 

There’s been a mass of new tiki-themed cocktail bars opening across the UK thanks to their quirky Instagram-ready styling and menus flowing with rum.

The number one drink on any Tiki Bar’s menu is none other than the legendary Zombie, famous for its strength and over-the-top garnishes and glassware.

The Zombie is famous for its eclectic mix of spirits and ours is no different featuring coffee rum, blueberry liqueur and a lychee, guava and chilli premix cocktail from HappyDown.

Inside September’s Box

Dead Man’s Fingers

You can enjoy two varieties of Cornwall’s small-batch rum with Dead Man's Fingers spiced and coconut versions.

HappyDown Lychee Guava Chilli

A crafted sparkling canned cocktail with an intriguing blend of fruit and spices, HappyDown’s Lychee Guava Chilli makes the perfect Zombie accompaniment.

Norfolk Cordial Redcurrant & Grapefruit

Matching fresh red currants with bitter grapefruit, Norfolk Cordial use only natural ingredients to create concentrated a cordial that is the perfect rum cocktail addition.

RubyBlue Wild Blueberry Liqueur

This special blend of whole wild blueberries infused with Irish spirit creates a delicately sweet but fresh flavour that’s an ideal pairing for rum.

Frobishers Pineapple Juice

Pineapple and rum go hand-in-hand, Frobishers use pineapples sourced from top quality growers in the plantations of Costa Rica for their tropical juice.

Gintensify Coconut & Pineapple Mix

The go-to garnish adding the finishing tropical touch to any Pina Colada with our bespoke garnish pack from Gintensify.

Mighty Fine Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bar

A light and crisp honeycomb bar covered in creamy Belgian milk chocolate, Mighty Fine’s sweet treat is this month’s cocktail companion. 

Join The Club!

A Tipple Box cocktail subscription treats you to four glasses of delicious cocktails each month.

With two alternating recipes each month, you can enjoy classic cocktails or discover a new cocktail trend at home, without the expense of buying a big bottle to discover it’s not for you.

Forget scrolling through conflicting recipes and mixed up measurements as our boxes contain everything you need including easy-to-follow recipe cards to ensure making cocktails at home is easy!

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