Introducing our October Cocktail Box

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Did you know BrewDog also distil their own spirits with LoneWolf?

As the seasons change so do our cocktail drinking habits!

Swapping ice-filled refreshers to warming autumnal tipples, it’s time to embrace the new seasonal cocktail trends with our October Cocktail Club box.

You’ll undoubtedly be aware of BrewDog, one of the first pioneers of craft beer in the UK, but did you know they also distil their own spirits?

Our October Tipple Box features LoneWolf Gin, LoneWolf Vodka and LoneWolf tonic giving you the chance to try a trio of their tipples while shaking up a Clover Club and Werewolf!

This Month’s Cocktails

Clover Club

A pre-Prohibition classic, the Clover Club dates back to the 1880s.

The cocktail takes its name from the Philadelphia men’s club, established by lawyers and bankers, who used to meet in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel.

The history behind the bartender who first created the drink is secretive, but as these men travelled for business so did their favourite cocktail recipe.


Our Werewolf is an in-house twist on the Greyhound cocktail.

First printed in 1930’s The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock, the drink was first described as a “variation of grapefruit cocktail”.

It is believed that the earliest version of the cocktail dates back to an American cocktail bar starting with gin as the primary spirit, before it was soon replaced with vodka.

Inside October’s Tipple Box

LoneWolf Gin

Combining botanicals including Scottish pine, grapefruit peel and lavender flower, LoneWolf Gin balances spice and citrus with notes of Thai lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf.

LoneWolf Vodka

Made using malted barley and malted wheat, LoneWolf vodka is distilled four times and lightly filtered once with notes of vanilla and creamy honey.

LoneWolf Tonic

Blending Mexican pink grapefruit and natural quinine, LoneWolf tonic is designed to enhance the flavours of LoneWolf gin by lifting the citrus but keeping the pine and juniper at the forefront.

Luscombe English Apple Juice

Using organic apples, Luscombe Drinks presses the fruit into a classic blend with an award-winning English Apple Juice that’s the perfect cocktail companion.

Sweet Vermouth

A herbal, aromatic and sweet blend from Bramley & Gage with a truly autumnal flavour.

Raspberry Liqueur

Using raspberries picked at optimum ripeness from Dean Rise Fruit Farm in Gloucestershire, Bramley & Gage’s liqueur adds a sweet twist to our Werewolf.


Monin’s grenadine is a common sweetener used in classic bar mixology.


Join The Cocktail Club!

By joining our exclusive club, you’ll be signed up to our cocktail subscription service.

Each monthly Tipple Box will be delivered to your door containing everything you need to make delicious cocktails at home.

Including two styles of cocktail each month, you will be introduced to our in-house twists of the trendiest tipples alongside paying homage classic cocktails with our in-house versions of drinks you’ll know and love from cocktail bars across the world!

Simply join at any point in October to receive our LoneWolf Cocktail Box!

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