Enter a new world of cocktail mixology with cold brew

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As coffee culture reaches boiling point, it’s no surprise that caffeine is spilling over into mixology.

Cold brew is one of this summer’s hottest, or should that be coldest, coffee trends!

Spanning from boutique coffee shops, to high street chains, cold brew did not just surface on the scene in recent years.

Arriving in the UK four years ago, it was not until 2017 that chain coffee shops joined the cold brew crusade as enjoying a cold coffee became a summer alternative.

Despite its recent trendsetting, cold brew, also known as Kyoto Coffee, has been a popular drink in Japan since the 1600s. The drink is believed to have been introduced by Dutch traders from Indonesia as it was developed as a way of producing large quantities of portable coffee. Cold brew gave the option to then serve cold or, reheat for a refreshing caffeinated beverage.

Cold brew is made in a similar process to distilling alcohol and brewing, much like when botanicals are steeped into a spirit to create gin,  cold brew is made by steeping coffee in cold water for up to 12 hours to create a super concentrated coffee extract, with a sweet and less acidic taste profile. The coffee is then filtered or purified to create each bespoke cold brew blend.

As coffee culture reaches boiling point, it’s no surprise that caffeine is spilling over into mixology. After all, you only need to queue up at your local café and see the ever-growing menu with options like, ‘half-sweet hazelnut lattes with soy milk and caramel drizzle’ to know that coffee can work with a variety of flavours.

Our July Cocktail Club box gives you the chance to enter this new world of mixology by shaking up two coffee cocktails - The Espresso Martini and White Russian - with cold brew coffee from FITCH!

Sourcing the highest quality single origin coffee beans, FITCH Brewery, place the roasted and ground coffee beans into the brewing tanks which are then filled with purified cold water and left to brew for over 20 hours. Following the innovative brewing process, the coffee mixture is then triple filtered and immediately canned to create the bold and smooth cold brew coffee.

As you’ll have a little extra cold brew this month, we’ve teamed up with The Cocktail Chap to share some additional recipes this month to make the most of your extras!

Turbo G&T

●      50ml London Dry Gin

●      12.5ml Cold Brew Concentrate

●      Tonic Water (To top)

 Method: Build the gin in the glass with ice and top up with the tonic water. Add a lemon wedge for garnish and, lastly, pour in the cold brew concentrate to create the two-tone effect. 

Coffee Negroni

●      25ml London Dry Gin

●      25ml Campari

●      25ml Sweet Vermouth

●      12.5ml FITCH Cold Brew Concentrate

Method: Build ingredients in the glass with ice and stir. Garnish with orange peel. 

You can discover more of Matt’s cocktail creations via @CocktailChap on Instagram or by visiting CocktailChap.com!

Fancy shaking up some coffee cocktails of your own?

Join our Cocktail Club in July to enjoy two classic cocktails infused with a caffeine kick! 

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