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How you can help conserve African Wildlife by drinking cocktails.

How you can help conserve African Wildlife by drinking cocktails.

Before you sip on this month’s featured gin, make sure you read the label, as every bottle of Elephant Gin, bears the name of one of the 15 orphan elephants that the brand is currently a foster-parent of. 

Each elephant was rescued by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and its pioneering Orphans’ Project. The elephant orphanage within Nairobi National Park nurtures baby elephants who have been found in the wild who are often left behind when their mother dies due to poaching or other human intervention. 

The project was established to instil hope in Kenya’s threatened elephant populations as they struggle against threat, from deforestation and drought to poaching.

The elephants are hand-reared during the time they are dependent upon milk, with a team of trained carers looking after the elephants until they are comfortable amongst the herds and choose to become independent. The time an elephant spends in the orphanage is dependent upon their individual personalities, but all orphans found by the trust to-date have been integrated into the wild community by the age of ten.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has successfully raised over 150 infant elephants, with the animals effectively reintegrated back into Tsavo East National Park, protected by their new extended orphaned family amongst the wild herds.
Each of our Tipple Boxes, this month features two miniature bottles of Elephant Gin, with 15% of profit from the bottles going towards the elephant conservation programme. 

The name upon your bottle represents one of the adopted elephants, with their names given in relation to the place where the elephant was rescued using an ethnic tribal name from the area.

For more information on the elephant your Tipple Box has helped save, you can visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website to see details on the date your orphan arrived at the sanctuary, alongside photos and updates from keepers.

The Gin

Elephant Gin is a handcrafted London Dry style gin made in Germany.

The gin is inspired by the traditional ‘sundowner’ experience after a day out in the African bush. 

The ‘sundowner’ experience refers to sunset cocktails drank in South Africa after completing a day’s work, traditionally consisting of a G&T.

Elephant Gin, aims to combine the sunset experience with carefully selected ingredients to capture the spirit of Africa in every bottle.

The gin is distilled with 14 botanicals including rare African ingredients such as the Savannah’s ‘super fruit’ Baobab, the Buchu plant and African wormwood, alongside apples from Germany, juniper from Macedonia and ginger from China.

Featured in our March Cocktail Club box, Elephant Gin is the perfect match for our refreshing spring cocktails with our Horton Hears A Hound and the Elephant Kir!

Sip on the spirit of Africa and help conserve wildlife by joining our Cocktail Club today!

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