Featured Spirit: JJ Whitley Potato Vodka

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Our June featured spirit in our monthly Tipple Box is JJ Whitley's potato vodka.

Each month, Tipple Box teams up with a distillery to feature in our monthly cocktail kits. June marks our collaboration with JJ Whitley and their potato vodka.

In each edition of Tipple Box, we bring you a taster of some of the best craft spirits the UK has to offer. Our latest featured spirit of the month in June is JJ Whitley's potato vodka.

As you enjoy a tipple or two from your box, why not learn the history of the brand with our latest Tippler Tale as we step behind the stills with JJ Whitley...

Distilling Legacy

With spirits by the British countryside, JJ Whitley is named after John James Whitley – the first member of the Whitley family to start distilling.

Dating back to 1762, the family's distilling heritage has a provenance for making high-quality liquids including the JJ Whitley Potato Vodka.

Launched in 2006, JJ Whitley's Vodka is a smooth spirit with tasting notes of lemongrass, black pepper and a touch of mint.

The Power of Potatoes

Using potatoes in distilling vodka dates back to 1669 when German alchemist Johann Joachim Becher developed the method of producing spirits from potatoes in 1669, but it was not until 1798 that the first detailed instructions for distilling were published.

Potato vodka did not dominate the production of vodka until the 1820s and quickly became a favourite choice due to the creaminess the vegetable gave to the spirit.

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