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From tequila infused cream liqueur to Arctic vodka, meet February's featured spirits.

Each month, we’ll step behind the stills with our featured distilleries to tell the tale behind their tipples.

February’s box contains two creamy cocktails, the Love Potion and Candy Colada, featuring Tequila Rose, Coole Swan and ISFJORD Vodka.

Discover more about our full February Box via our Blog!

Tales Behind the Tipple

Tequila Rose

Launching in America and distilled in Missouri, Tequila Rose is now one of the world’s biggest cream liqueurs.

Described as ‘flirting with the line between naughty and nice’, Tequila Rose is a unique blend of strawberry flavoured cream liqueur, with a splash of premium Mexican tequila! 

Tequila Rose, is made from real dairy cream, giving the liqueur a rich strawberry flavour with a subtle sweet flavour.

The liqueur can be drank straight or, enjoyed as an addition to drinks and desserts as you’ll discover in our February box with the Tequila treat featured in our Strawberry Mudslide.


Based on the finest blonde wheat, distilled five times, and blended with super soft, pure iceberg water from the Arctic’s of Greenland, ISFJORD Premium Arctic Vodka begins its journey with pure and super soft iceberg water.

In 2007, ISFJORD discovered the characteristics of distilling spirits with one of nature’s best kept secrets, the extremely pure and soft water from icebergs that naturally break from the Greenland Ice Cap into the sea. 

Preserved as ice for 180,000 years, local icemen began harvesting a few ice pieces and melted them into pure natural water.

Combining the water with natural botanicals, the distillation takes place according to a unique recipe developed especially for distillation with iceberg water. 

The recipe ensures the spirit is produced with an unparalleled taste creating a raw smoothness bringing the Arctic to your abode.

Coole Swan

Coole Swan is a new generation of Irish craft spirits.

Launching in 2010 from the Brady family farm in County Meath, the name Coole Swan was inspired by one of Ireland’s romantic poets WB Yeats and his work ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’, a poem about the search for lasting beauty in a changing world.

Coole Swan is made in Ireland using all natural ingredients.

Using the cream taken directly from the churns in the family farm, they add Belgian White Chocolate. The liquid is then united with a triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey. All brought together using a unique blending technique known only to the team at Coole Swan. 

Producing an Irish cream liqueur like no other, Coole Swan is also gluten-free, contains no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring. 

Coole Swan’s signature appearance is characterised by a delicate cream hue, imparted by the white chocolate and single malt whiskey creating a smooth and sweet liqueur that has won prestigious accolades from across the globe.

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