Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

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After over-indulging the night before, drinking again may seem a far-fetched thought, but did you know the Bloody Mary cocktail is known as a common hangover remedy?

Your head hurts, your mouth is dry and even the thought of lifting your head from the pillow is a struggle.

After over-indulging the night before, drinking again may seem a far-fetched thought, but did you know the Bloody Mary cocktail is known as a common hangover remedy?

Thanks to its combination of vegetables, salt and alcohol, the Bloody Mary is thought to help settle the stomach, replenish lost electrolytes and relieve headaches.

We reckon it’s certainly worth a try….

Despite becoming a brunch staple in the UK in recent years, the Bloody Mary was created in Paris at the New York Bar.

Bartender Fernand Petiot, began experimenting with vodka which was introduced to the city as migrants fled the Russian revolution. Taking the newly-discovered spirit and mixing it with canned tomato juice, the original Bloody Mary was created in 1921.

The original drink didn’t exactly ooze Parisian elegance and was a rather tasteless concoction. It wasn’t until it found its way to New York City that the cocktail developed into the Bloody Mary we know today.

Sophisticated New Yorkers, unsurprisingly, found the original drink too bland and boring so Petiot soon spiced things up, adding black and cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce and lemon. For those wanting an extra kick of spice, a dash of TABASCO was added to add some heat.

And so, the original Bloody Mary was born!

The Bloody Mary

As featured in January’s Cocktail Club box, our Bloody Mary reinvigorates the traditional cocktail with the addition of chilli pepper liqueur and Little Devil Spice!

Our Bloody Mary recipe features two spirits from Hughes Craft Distillery, with RubyBlue Vodka and RubyBlue Chilli Pepper Liqueur, adding an extra fiery alcoholic kick.

We’ve also teamed up with Little Devil to give you the chance to make your Bloody Mary a bar-quality sip. Forget stocking up on spices and sauces you’ll use once before they gather dust in the cupboard, their all-in-one essence sachets feature the perfect amount to reinvigorate your drink.

Bloody Mary Recipe

  • 25ml RubyBlue Vodka
  • 20ml RubyBlue Chilli Pepper Liqueur
  • 100ml Tomato Juice
  • Little Devil’s Spice Bloody Mary Sachet

Method: Take a shaker and squeeze in your Little Devil sachet. If you do not have the pre-mixed sachet, simply add a combination of TABASCO, celery salt and black pepper with a splash of Lea & Perrins sauce at your preferred strength. Add in your vodka, chilli liqueur and tomato juice. Add in a handful of ice and shake for about 15-20 seconds. The trick to a good Bloody Mary is to avoid dilution so make sure to use fresh ice when shaking. Add ice into a highball glass and strain your cocktail in.

The Bloody Mary Garnish

Will you go all out?

The traditional Bloody Mary Garnish is a stick of celery and citrus fruits. However, as the cocktail has become a Brunch staple, you’ll find wacky and wonderful serves that are Instagram-ready.

London’s The Shard chooses to garnish its Bloody Mary with an edible pasta straw. Manchester’s Fress serves theirs with a miniature bottle of Tabasco floating on top and a bar in Wisconsin has opted for arguably the most ridiculous garnish to date - an entire fried chicken, alongside prawns, pickles and bacon-wrapped cheese balls that adorn the glass.

We’ve stuck to the traditional celery and citrus mix, but feel free to go all out!

Easy at-home suggestions include bacon, skewered olives and pickles or for those more adventurous why not try miniature slider burgers?

Order your Bloody Mary Box

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Featuring the revitalising cocktail alongside the refreshing Moscow Mule, it’s the perfect box to reinvigorate your January - with an added alcohol kick!

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