Negroni Cocktail Recipe

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Learn how to make the perfect Negroni at home with our easy-to-follow cocktail recipe.

The Negroni

Did you know the Negroni was created upon a request by an Italian nobleman?

Dating back to 1919, the traditional Negroni recipe was created at Bar Casoni in Florence.

Count Camillo Negroni requested a stronger version of the Americano cocktail and the bartender named the new drink after the Count.

A Negroni is traditionally made from one part gin, one part vermouth and one part Campari and is garnished with an orange peel and served as an aperitif. 

For the gin addition, make sure you choose a classic gin with a strong finish to match the powerful taste of the Campari.

How to make the perfect Negroni


  • 25ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 25ml Gin
  • 20ml Campari


Fill your glass with large ice cubes then pour in all the ingredients. Squeeze out a fresh cut of orange peel over the glass before using it to rim the edge of the glass. Stir the cocktail with the twist of orange peel and garnish.


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