Greyhound Cocktail Recipe

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It is believed that the earliest version of the Greyhound cocktail dates back to an American cocktail bar in around 1930.

First printed in 1930’s The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock, the Greyhound Cocktail was first described as a “variation of grapefruit cocktail”.

It is believed that the earliest version of the Greyhound cocktail dates back to an American cocktail bar in around 1930.

Starting with gin as the primary spirit, it was soon replaced with vodka in the 1960s. The drink’s ‘vodka makeover’ was in force when celebrities were hired to promote vodka cocktails as sophisticated sips, to help boost the spirit’s popularity post-war.

Despite the Greyhound’s vague bartender history, perhaps due to the simplicity of the recipe, the name of the cocktail is said to be in relation to the 1945 edition of Harper’s Magazine who printed a serving of the cocktail taken from the Greyhound bus station and Post House restaurant.

This month, we’re bringing you an in-house twist on the Greyhound cocktail with our Werewolf!

Our exclusive cocktail recipe uses LoneWolf’s single-filtered vodka and our perfect serve is a salted rim, adding another twist to the Greyhound with the famous Salty Dog serve!

Our WereWolf takes the best elements of the 60’s Greyhound and sweetens it up to create a drink sure to twist your taste buds, with a bitter bite and a smooth aftertaste.

How to make a Werewolf Cocktail


  • 25ml Vodka
  • 20ml Raspberry Liqueur
  • 50ml Apple Juice
  • Grenadine
  • Premium Tonic Water

Method: Into a shaker, add a handful of ice before pouring over your vodka, liqueur and apple juice - shake well! Take your glass and fill with fresh ice before finely straining your cocktail into the glass. Top with tonic water and garnish with the peel from a grapefruit or other citrus fruit of your choice.

 Tippler’s Tip:

To combine the classic cocktail with a Salty Dog twist, simply grab two plates, some of your grenadine and a few pinches of pink salt. On one plate, pour a little grenadine and onto the other, add a few pinches of the salt. Take your glass and dip the rim into the grenadine, lightly coating the whole way around. Next, roll and dip the rim into the salt. Once coated, place in the fridge for 5 minutes to set. The addition of pink salt around the rim of the glass will not only make your cocktail look bar-ready, but will add to the taste experience by enhancing the umami flavours!

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