Prosecco Cocktail Box

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Enjoy four glasses of fizzy cocktails at home with our twists on the Kir Royale and French 75.

With party season approaching, your drinking habits may become more celebratory, as the sound of popping corks becomes more regular.

We reckon it’s time to embrace festive fizz with added sparkle to boot, so celebrate Christmas in style with a Tipple Box Prosecco Cocktail Set!

Enjoy four glasses of fizzy cocktails at home with our twists on the Kir Royale and French 75.

(It’s the perfect box to add some sparkle a loved one’s Christmas!)

 Featured in our Prosecco Cocktail Box, The Uncommon Wine of England is a lightly sparkling white wine produced in Surrey.

Launching in Selfridges earlier this year, the wine was the first canned English wine produced in the UK.

The launch was amongst the rising trend of UK wineries, with over 80 launching in the last year alone. English sparkling wine, in particular, accounted for two-thirds of the UK’s production of wine.

The Uncommon Wine of England’s sparkling wine is made from hand-harvested Bacchus grapes, with all stages of the wine-making process taking place within 20 miles of London.

Using a German-origin grape suits the UK climate as the cooler weather lifts the acidity of the grape, creating a wine believed to be England’s answer to the Sauvignon Blanc.

Lower in sugar than Prosecco and Champagne, the lightly sparkling dry white wine with notes of pear and elderflower is a perfect cocktail pairing with no overpowering flavours to balance out our fizz cocktails!

Alongside the new wine, the Prosecco Cocktail Box also features Rock Rose Gin, Bramley & Gage Creme De Cassis liqueur and Heron Valley lemon juice alongside our brand new sparkling sugar syrup.

We’re embracing festive flair by sprucing up the home bar essential with lashings of gold glitter to add some sparkle to your fizz!

The Cocktails

 French 75

The French 75 dates back to World War I, with an early version of the drink created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris by famed bartender Harry MacElhone.

Our French 75 recipe features Rock Rose Gin, the Uncommon Wine Company's lightly sparkling wine, Heron Valley lemon juice and our glitter shimmer syrup!

Kir Royale

Consisting of creme de cassis topped with Champagne, the Kir Royale takes the classic Kir cocktail recipe, named after its French creator Canon Felix Kir, and adds a splash of regal fizz.

Our Kir Royale features Bramley & Gage Creme De Cassis with our sparkling shimmer glitter syrup!

Visit our Christmas Shop now to buy your Christmas Prosecco Box for the festive season!

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