How to shake the perfect cocktail

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Learn how you should be shaking it all about with your Tipple Box.

You’ve got your Tipple Box, you’re armed with your cocktail shaker and your glasses are awaiting delicious cocktails, but how do you shake the perfect cocktail?

We attempt to fine-strain the shaking facts from fiction and serve only the truth, straight up.

Traditional Shake

When it comes to shaking drinks, you would think there’s not much to get wrong. After all, surely we all mastered this action the first time we ever did the Hokey Cokey?

But some believe that the angle, the speed, the duration and even the rhythm could all affect important aspects of your finished creation, such as its dilution or the emulsifying process.

However, experiments have proven that it’s only important to shake briskly for about 12 seconds. After this time, the temperature of the drink won’t drop any lower and the difference in dilution after this point is negligible to the point of meaningless.

So there you have it: rock your shaker back and forth, jump up and down with it in your waistband or just throw it down a very long flight of stairs...

Just make sure you shake it all around, as that’s what it’s all about.

Credit: © CC | Flickr | Ryan Hyde |

Dry Shaking

Some cocktail recipes may simply state to ‘dry shake’ your cocktails - but what exactly is a ‘dry shake’?

It is said the method was first championed by Chad Solomon, a former bartender at New York’s Pegu Club who adopted the technique after finding it difficult to shake a heavy shaker packed with ice following a back injury.

The 'dry shake' simply refers to when liquid ingredients are shaken together in a cocktail shaker with no ice.

To get technical, this process allows the drink to emulsify at the lower temperature which produces more aeration and results in a thicker foam for your cocktail.

Without a good dry shake, the cocktail would be flat and frothless as this move adds a silky texture to your drink and allows you to spend less time shaking with ice which in end can over-dilute the drink due to the melting ice.

After dry shaking for 1-2 minutes, add ice and then shake again to chill the cocktail and further mix the ingredients.

Don’t forget - your shaker won't contract due to the lack of ice so be careful when you're shaking it all about! 

Main Image Credit: © CC | Flickr | Didriks |

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