Treat your tastebuds to a trip to Japan

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You can try Kokoro Gin in two ways with Tipple Box.

New to the market, Kokoro Gin, is a London Dry Gin with a Japanese Heart.

The name Kokoro literally means ‘heart’ in Japanese. This is in reference to the soul and essence of a particular place through intention, emotion and intellect, with the taste of the gin transporting you to the tranquil Japanese forest.

What makes Kokoro different?

The star ingredient in Kokoro is the native sansho berry. Grown wild in the Afan Woodland in the Japanese Alps, these berries bring a taste of a strong, peppery citrus flavour likened to grapefruit or lemon.

Handpicked from the hills of the Nagano Prefecture, Sansho berries made their way into Kokoro Gin after being discovered by environmentalist C.W Nicol.  The uncle of Kokoro Gin founder James Nicol, he dedicated 30 years of his life to ecotourism in Japan, buying neglected woodland near his home and bringing it back to life. 

It was when visiting Japan, that James was introduced to the berries by his uncle who had developed a taste for the unusual fruit and soon realised they would make an interesting ingredient to gin!

With an intense flavour, due to the deep snow in winter and the purity of the mountain air, sansho berries have been used in Japanese cuisine for over 3,000 years. Their peppery flavour with a citrus aftertaste, which is similar to the Sichuan pepper, gives an intriguing tongue-tingling heat.

However, despite their distinct taste, only fresh berries retain the punch and zing, therefore, Kokoro Gin pick their berries at the start of the season in Japan, before they are frozen and packed in dry ice to be shipped back to the UK for distillation.

The Gin

Made at Thames Distillers in London, the gin is made via a single distillation with no additional blending following production.

For distillation, the Sansho berries are combined with juniper, lemon peel, sweet orange, almond, angelica root, liquorice and coriander seeds to balance the peppery berry flavour.

The result is a smooth and refreshing London Dry style of gin with a Japanese twist! 

Try Kokoro Gin

You can try Kokoro Gin in two ways with Tipple Box!

Join our Cocktail Club in May to shake up two delicious cocktails - The Negroni and The Stag - with the gin as Kokoro is our monthly featured spirit!

G&T Fan? We’ve teamed up with the distillery to curate a bespoke gin and tonic set featuring four miniature bottles of Kokoro Gin alongside their selected serve Fever-Tree Indian tonic and Fever-Tree ginger ale.

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