Add some fizz to your February

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Sip your way into spring with a Gin Fizz cocktail!

Get ready to showcase your cocktail flair at home, with our easy-to-follow recipes for the Gin Fizz cocktail.

If you’re planning ahead for the spring nights, we reckon it’s time to swap your gin and tonic for something with added fizz.

Get ready to showcase your cocktail flair at home, with our easy-to-follow recipes for the Gin Fizz cocktail.

With a history that dates back to the 19th century, the Gin Fizz was known as a hometown speciality in New Orleans.

The cocktail became so popular that bars would employ teams of bartenders to take turns shaking the drinks.

So, what is a Gin Fizz?

Considered an evolution of the Gin Sour, a Gin Fizz swaps the tonic for soda water and combines the spirit with juice, sugar and egg white.

Despite its close alignment with the Tom Collins, this drink is shaken not stirred and does not contain Angostura bitters.

Served over ice, the refreshing cocktail with its velvety texture can be easily transformed depending on taste.

If you switch the soda water for champagne, it becomes a ‘Diamond Fizz’ and if you add the whole egg before shaking, you’ll find yourself sipping on a 'Royal Fizz'. 

Forget rushing to the shops to pick up all you need, you can enjoy your own twist on the famed cocktail with our Classic Gin Fizz Cocktail Set

Our set contains everything you need to make two glasses of the Raspberry Gin Fizz and two glasses of the Limoncello Collins 

With two premium gins, liqueurs, lemon juice, soda water and grenadine, all you need to do is add ice and enjoy! 

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