May's Tipple box - Summer Countdown Cocktails

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Time flies when you’re having rum...

May is upon us and we’re already counting down the days until summer. The sun has been shining (albeit too rarely for our liking) and we’ve Bank Holidays to enjoy extra al fresco drinking.

What better way to celebrate the pending sunshine than with two Cuban cocktails - the Mojito and Daiquiri!


Light and refreshing with a citrus kick, the Mojito is undoubtedly one of the summer’s most recognised cocktails.

Not only that, it’s one of the world’s best-selling cocktails and is widely believed to have been the world’s first ever “cocktail”!

In the 16th century, Sir Francis Drake combined ‘aguardiente de cana’ with sugar, lime and mint to make a medicinal drink to treat scurvy and dysentery. Originally named the El Draque after Sir Francis Drake, the Mojito was then ‘dolled up’ with the addition of carbonated water and ice, before serving in a tall glass.

Our Mojito adds a splash of lemon juice for an extra zesty kick!

In the bartending world, Daiquiri is the name given to a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum, citrus and sugar.

The Daiquiri was invented by American mining engineer Jennings Cox who worked in the iron mines of Daiquirí. Alongside their salaries, workers received tobacco rations and a monthly ration of local rum which workers often mixed with coffee to create a ‘cocktail’ of sorts.

One night when entertaining guests, Jennings ran out of the gin he was serving. From memories of these rationed mixes, he purchased the easiest liquor he could find - which unsurprisingly was rum - and added lemons, sugar and mineral water to create a punch for his guests. They loved the drink and enquired its name - and so the Daiquiri was born!

Our Daiquiri keeps in-line with the original three-part-recipe served in perfect measures so you can enjoy the cocktail the way it was intended!


To make your summer-ready cocktails incredibly sumptuous sips, we’ve teamed up with Aluna Coconut Rum!

Winner of the best-flavoured rum at the World Rum Awards 2018, Aluna Rum is deliciously smooth and packed with coconut flavour, making our cocktails evermore irresistible.

Combining rums sourced from Guatemala and the Caribbean,  the Guatemalan rum used in the blend is made with virgin sugar cane honey (known as miel de caña) which is fermented using a unique strain of yeast from pineapple, making the rum lighter and smoother with a natural sweetness before the spirit is lightly aged in oak.

Selected Caribbean rums add the classic rum taste, before lightly toasted natural coconut adds an extra element to the flavour. Once joined, the rum is cut with organic coconut water for the final touch to ensure a smooth and clean finish!


Are you a subscriber waiting on your box? This month, you’ll want to grab mint and lime to add the finishing touches to your tropical tipples!

Not yet a member? There’s plenty of time to get May’s rum cocktail box - simply join our Cocktail Club at any point in the month!


If you’d like to treat a rum-lover, our Cocktail Club subscriptions are also available via Gift Subscription orders, with a one-off payment and cocktail deliveries between 3-12 months. To start their subscription with our Rum Cocktail Box, simply sign them up to our Gift Subscription at any point in May!

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