Celebrate National Martini Day!

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Happy National Martini Day!

To celebrate National Martini Day, we're sharing the history of the cocktail and easy recipes to make your own Martini at home.

As many new cocktail creations fleetingly come and go, few survive as influential drinks that have shaped cocktail culture.

Arguably, there is no more famous and sophisticated a cocktail than the timeless Martini!

That’s why we’re celebrating National Martini Day in the only way we know how - with a cocktail in hand...

Transcending through time, from Ernest Hemingway to James Bond, the Martini has consistently remained at the forefront of cocktail culture for almost 150 years.

But did you know the Martini was first created in exchange for a fistful of golden nuggets?

The story of its origin is that a miner came into Bartender Julio Richelieu’s saloon with golden nuggets and requested a special cocktail in exchange for the gold. Julio created a ‘Martinez special’, named after the city in which it was created, consisting of gin, vermouth and bitters, poured over crushed ice and served with an olive creating the very first Martini as we know it!

From the golden exchange, the cocktail became one of the world’s most famous drinks - albeit one which divides opinion due to its no messing around flavour and strength!

How To Order A Martini

Ordering a Martini in a bar? As the Martini does not have a definite recipe that all bartenders follow, the cocktail can be made completely to your personal taste.

There are 5 variables to making a Martini:

  1. Method (shaken or stirred)
  2. Ratio (spirit to vermouth)
  3. Spirit (most commonly gin or vodka)
  4. Seasoning (dashes of bitters)
  5. Garnish (citrus, savoury)

A quick chat with any bartender will have you enjoying a Martini just the way you like it!

If you want to sound the part when ordering your own, here’s our simple guide on the seemingly complex-sounding vocabulary behind the famous drink:

Dry - A lesser amount of vermouth.
Wet - A higher ratio of vermouth to spirit.
Dirty - Made with olive brine or muddled olives.
Sweet - Swapping dry vermouth for sweet vermouth.

Martini Cocktail Recipe

Despite its glory, how to make a Martini is down to personal taste, with nobody agreeing on the 'perfect' Martini recipe. Arguments of shaking or stirring, wet or dry mixes, lemon or olive garnishes and even the spirit - gin or vodka - all create a spectrum of debate around this. Don’t worry though, our recipe below is a surefire way to get to grips with the Martini and is as close to perfection as we’ve tasted over the years!


  • 50ml Martin Miller's Gin
  • 10ml Dry Vermouth


Place a Martini glass in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes before mixing this one. Keeping everything chilled is the key to a great Martini. Into a highball glass, or mixing jug, add a handful of ice straight from the freezer - if it's already melting, it's no good for a Martini! Pour over your gin and vermouth. Using a spoon, stir the mixture for 30 seconds, at least until the ice starts to slightly melt. Once mixed, strain into the chilled Martini glass and finish with a fresh cut of lemon peel. Sip this one slowly!!

Non-alcoholic Martini Recipe

Fancy joining in the Martini trend without the full punch? Why not make a non-alcoholic Martini!


Place a Martini glass in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes before mixing this one. Just like the alcoholic version, the key to a good non-alcoholic Martini is keeping everything chilled!  Into a highball glass or mixing jug, add a handful of ice and pour over your Seedlip and Olive Brine. Stir for 30 seconds before straining into a Martini glass. Finish with a fresh cut of lemon peel. Enjoy!

Order A Martini Cocktail Box

At Tipple Box, we've curated the finest Martini around! You can enjoy our version at-home by ordering our Martini Cocktail Set - featuring enough ingredients to enjoy two glasses of the iconic cocktail, alongside another famous gin cocktail - the Tom Collins!

You prepare the ice, we'll deliver the delicious drinks!

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