June's Tipple Box - Summer Night Whisky Cocktails

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Afterall, they say whisky is liquid sunshine...

In June’s Tipple Box, we’re toasting and telling tales into the warm summer nights.

What could be a better spirit of choice to savour every sip into the night than whisky?

Our June box features two of the world’s most famous whisky cocktails, the Old Fashioned and Manhattan!


There’s no denial that the Old Fashioned is one of the most famous original cocktails of them all.

The most ordered cocktail in America, the Old Fashioned is currently the number one drink in almost 30% of the world’s best bars.

An Old Fashioned, as know it, is a delicious mix of whisky, sugar and bitters with the recipe balancing sweetened sugar with aromatised bitters and warming whisky.

First starting its cocktail life as a style of drink rather than a single cocktail, the specific recipe we refer to came to life in 1880, as printed in the Chicago Tribune.

The Old Fashioned has evolved over time with various methods and ingredient combinations. Arguably, no two bartenders will even agree on a single recipe.

We reckon why argue with the best? Our version dates back to the original three-part recipe with our tartan twist adding smoky flavours with the peaty Smokehead Whisky.

We’ve teamed the Old Fashioned with another whisky classic the Manhattan, a mysterious yet sophisticated staple of the bar scene since the late 19th century.

The cocktail is said to have been created by an enigmatic bartender simply by the name ‘Black’ who worked at New York’s Hoffman House.

A well-balanced yet strong cocktail that consists of just three ingredients - whisky, vermouth and bitters - the Manhattan alike the Old Fashioned has widely debated recipe proportions and methods.

At Tipple Box, we’re using Smokehead whisky in our Manhattan to add a peaty edge to the timeless and tasty cocktail.



Founded in 2006, Smokehead is a bold beautiful malt that’s shrouded in mystery.

Alike many malts, Smokehead is bottled with no age statement and intriguingly no distillery listed upon the bottle, the only clue is in the Islay Single Malt meaning it comes from a single distillery upon the peat isle.

Hailing from Islay, the whisky embraces the flavours of its rugged coastal surroundings and the region’s renowned peated characteristics with a wild and bold flavour.

There’s no denying Smokehead’s peat infusion as the smell will hit you like the smoke from a bonfire before upon opening before subtle notes of toffee, caramel and salty seaweed come through with a citrusy tang from ginger, lemon and mandarin.

We’re embracing Smokehead’s Islay profile in our June cocktails, twisting the bitter and citrusy classic Old Fashioned into a peaty potent sip with a hint of sweetness while our Manhattan keeps it strong and bold with a peppery twist!



If you’re a Cocktail Club member, you’ll need to stock up on an orange and cherry to garnish these cocktails as the stylish sips they were intended!

Not yet a member? There’s plenty of time to get June’s whisky cocktail box - simply join our Cocktail Club at any point in June!


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