April's Tipple Box - Refreshing Spring Cocktails

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Sip into the season with four glasses of fizz.

The clocks have sprung forward, the nights feel longer and, most importantly, Bank Holidays are in reaching distance.

We reckon it's time to fully embrace the start of spring - with a cocktail in hand of course!

Our classic cocktails in March packed a ginny punch with the world-famed Martini and Tom Collins, but now it's time to transition those taste buds to refreshingly light cocktails as our summer countdown begins.

Introducing April's Cocktails...

Gin and bubbles... need we say anymore?!  

The French 75 is a classic cocktail which was known as an indulgent imbibe thanks to its combination of spirit and wine.

Named after the 75mm Howitzer field gun, a type of weaponry used by the French and Americans in World War 1 known for its speed and accuracy. The explanation goes that the drink had such a kick that it felt like 'being hit by such a weapon'...

But, don't worry! 

We’ve created a much more refined and balanced version of the classic cocktail!

The Aperol Spritz was without a doubt the feel-good drink of the summer.

As the orange-hued glasses were never far from social media feeds for months upon end, the Aperol was the cocktail of the moment as we enjoyed an unusually beautiful summer.

We've taken the Spritz and paired this with the recent trend of violet-infused spirits to create the trendiest cocktail of the season - the Violet Spritz!

Who doesn't want to sip on a Parma Violet tasting cocktail?

Our featured spring spirit is a brand new bottle for you to try with Masons Peppered Pear Gin! 

With a growing trend in pairing gin to food (another excuse you can use to try out new flavours) the distillery was inspired when enjoying their previous pear and rose gin with a particularly peppery meal realising the contrasting flavours were the perfect match.

The latest expression from the Yorkshire distillery combines the addition of pink peppercorns and juicy conference pears with a floral and fruity gin with a lightly peppered kick to create the perfect partner for our fizz-infused cocktails!

Don't just take our word for its taste, Masons originally planned to release just 5,000 bottles - due to popularity, they've still not stopped producing the flavour!

Get ready to enjoy four glasses of fizz this spring with our April Box!

P.s You'll need to grab a lemon and, if you're going all out, a packet of Parma Violets so you can tuck in with your tipple!

Not a member? There’s plenty of time to get April's box - simply join our Cocktail Club at any point in the month to enjoy!

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