Cocktails to put a spring in your step

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We’ve two delicious cocktails for you to wave off those winter blues with our exotic Elephant Gin Cocktails.


We’ve two delicious cocktails for you to wave off those winter blues with our exotic Elephant Gin Cocktails.

Distilled using rare African ingredients and fresh apples, you can sip your way into spring with two glasses of each of our refreshing cocktails.

This month, our members will be shaking up our Horton Hears A Hound and an Elephant Kir - will you be joining them to discover your new favourite cocktail?

Your Tipple Box membership will give you access to our exclusive Cocktail Club with a box delivered direct to your door each month featuring premium spirits and ingredients for you to enjoy four glasses of two delicious cocktails at home.

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A Sneak Peek Inside The Box…

Elephant Gin

Elephant Gin is a handcrafted London Dry Gin made with carefully selected ingredients that capture the spirit of Africa.

Belsazar Vermouth

A classically-styled dry vermouth from Germany, Belsazar Dry Vermouth is made with wines from the South Baden region, combined with fruit brandies from Schladerer and a selection of herbs.

Bramley & Gage Creme De Cassis

A sweet dark red liqueur, Bramley & Gage use only fresh blackcurrants to create liqueur with an earthy incense and a powerful taste.

Heron Valley Lemon Juice

Using ripe, juicy Sicilian lemons, Heron Valley’s Lemon Juice is gently pasteurised to capture the freshly squeezed taste in a bottle.

Monin Grenadine

Combining the flavour of red berries with a touch of vanilla, Monin’s Grenadine is a common sweetener used in classic bar mixology.

Tiptree Strawberry Conserve

A Tiptree classic, the strawberry conserve has well-balanced flavour with a medium texture.

Join our Cocktail Club to enjoy these exclusive Elephant Gin cocktails at home while helping conserve African wildlife!

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