These new gins change colour when you add tonic

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The Old Curiosity distillery has unveiled three flavoured colour-changing gins.

The three new gins from The Old Curiosity Distillery will turn pink once tonic has been added.

Scotland's The Old Curiosity Distillery has unveiled three flavoured colour-changing gins.

Describing the gins as "bottled up with a little bit of nature’s magic", each gin will change colour as you add tonic so you can watch your Secret Garden Gin transform in front of your eyes.

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Blending unusual floral botanicals to create colour-changing gin, the new flavours - Apothecary Rose, Lavender and Enchinea and Chamomile and Cornflower - were created on-site at the Secret Herb Garden.

The team grow, pick, dry and infuse all of the herbs by hand resulting in 100% natural creations capturing the true essence of the plants.

The Old Curiosity Distillery’s new range will launch on Tuesday 17th October online via and will be stocked at local retailers and the Secret Herb Garden.

Make sure you're quick as we're sure these bottles will be flying off the shelves...

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