Featured Spirit: Tarquin's Gin

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Summer is in the air so it’s time to get shaking!

Learn the tale behind this month's tipple with our July featured spirit Tarquin’s Gin.

Tarquin’s Gin was Cornwall’s first gin produced in over a century.

Made by the independent family-run Southwestern Distillery by the coast of North Cornwall, the distillery uses traditional techniques and old-fashioned equipment.

The copper pot still is fired by flame, the botanicals are selected by sight and feel and all bottles are individually filled, corked, sealed, labelled, numbered and waxed by hand.

The name ‘Tarquin’ comes from the founder and head distiller at Southwestern Distillery Tarquin Leadbetter who is so proud of the gin that his name is on every bottle.

Tarquin’s Gin is a contemporary take on a classic London Dry gin inspired by the wild Cornish coast using hand-picked Devon violets within its botanical mix which are grown by the distillery.

With its violets picked fresh from the garden, the remaining botanicals are sourced from across the globe including juniper from Kosovo, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, liquorice root from Uzbekistan and cinnamon from Madagascar.

There are only 300 bottles created in each batch with the spirit diluted to bottling strength (42% ABV) using naturally sweet, local Cornish water.

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