Tippler's Time: RubyBlue

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Delve into the details of our October featured spirit RubyBlue!

RubyBlue is a small family business priding themselves in delivering award-winning unique taste sensations that are handmade by the Hughes Craft Distillery in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Utilising the art of potato vodka to showcase the possibilities of local produce, RubyBlue created Ireland’s first potato distilled vodka, alongside becoming the first small-batch spirit producer in Northern Ireland in 2010.

Founders Stuart and Barbara Hughes oversee all produce and products first-hand, carefully selecting wild berries, fruits, and botanicals from the countryside. RubyBlue captures the changing seasons and locks the purity of nature into their unique infusions and exceptionally smooth vodka.

RubyBlue’s potato vodka encaptures the creamy texture of a potato perfectly while being exceptionally smooth and pure with sweet notes of vanilla and crisp apple.

Ensuring that all of their spirits embody a premium quality that is traditionally crafted, RubyBlue currently produces four different fruit liqueurs, all made with real fruit and fused with distilled Irish grain spirit to ensure each bottle packs a punch of flavour.

In this month’s box, you can try their infamous vodka to create your very own tipple, alongside their wild blueberry and chilli pepper liqueurs!

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