Celebrate this summer's cocktail trends with Tipple Box

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As we head into autumn, we’re celebrating with an end of summer sale with our top trendy tipples for you to try at home.

From the unstoppable rise of the Pornstar Martini to the flavoured gin takeover, it’s been quite the summer for exotic drinking trends.

With taste perceptions widening, thanks to the introduction of flavoured spirits, those who were convinced gin wasn’t for them now enjoy the wonders of pink and parma violet gin! Bars have also been embracing cocktail culture more than ever before.

Thanks to the hotter than average weather in the UK this summer, there was no better time to grab an ice cold drink and head outdoors as our #TagMyTipple also saw al fresco snaps on the rise.

As we head into autumn, we’re celebrating with an end of summer sale with our top trendy tipples for you to try at home.

Better yet, you can enjoy four drinks for less than £20!

Elephant Gin | £12.95

Fancy enjoying cocktails while raising money for charity? Supporting The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and its Orphans’ Project, 15% of Elephant Gin’s miniature bottles profit goes towards supporting the initiative which is recognised as one of the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation programmes in the world. Our Elephant Gin box features two miniature bottles of gin, alongside everything you need to enjoy the Horton Hears A Hound & Kir Royale cocktails.


Elephant Gin Tipple Box Cocktail

6 o’Clock G&T Box | £14.95

A refreshing gin and tonic never goes amiss and has continued its popularity throughout the summer. Our 6 O’clock Gin and Tonic set features the London Dry Gin from England in our bespoke G&T box, featuring two tonics to enjoy the perfect serve as recommended by the distillery, with up to eight G&Ts per box - depending on your preferred strength! 


Tipple Box 6 o'Clock Gin and Tonic Craft Gin Cocktails | £13.95

The perfect way to transition your gin love into cocktails by easing in with our simple recipes. Featuring the classic G&T alongside the Limoncello Collins, our Craft Gin Cocktail Box features Wales’ finest Brecon Gin, giving you a taster of the endless possibilities of gin cocktail making.


Tipple Box 6 o'Clock G&T Set

Espresso Martini | £16.95

One of hottest cocktails of the year, the Espresso Martini combines the ever-growing coffee culture with a splash of spirit. Due to its popularity, there are festivals dedicated to the drink while the cocktail has transferred to on-tap and ready-to-drink versions to keep up with demand. Our Espresso Martini Box features all the ingredients you need to enjoy two glasses at home, alongside its famed cocktail cousin the White Russian.


Tipple Box Espresso Martini Cocktail Set 

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