Tippler's Tales: Edinburgh Gin

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We step behind the stills with our August featured spirit Edinburgh Gin.

Did you know Edinburgh consumes more gin per head of population than any other city in the UK?

It’s no surprise therefore that the capital has a namesake gin, distilled in the heart of the city.

Edinburgh Gin is a nod to the days when Scotland’s capital city was a hub of distilling, dating back to the late 1700s when eight licensed distilleries and up to 400 unregistered stills operated across town.

Launching in 2010, Edinburgh Gin was founded by Alex and Jane Nicol who created a London Dry gin to assist in bringing Edinburgh’s gin making heritage back to life.

Originally made out with the capital, Edinburgh Gin’s production moved to the city centre in 2014, before a second distillery was opened in 2016 at Leith’s Biscuit Factory - a fitting move as Leith was once known as one of Scotland’s ‘gin ports’ and is located near the site of Melrose Drover, Edinburgh’s last gin distillery which closed in 1974.

Edinburgh Gin currently distils five gins and four liqueurs which are inspired by the city’s landmarks and landscapes. 

Made in small batches using traditional copper pot stills, the classic gin uses plants native to Scotland, with a blend of 13 botanicals including lavender, pine buds, mulberries and cobnuts.

Each liqueur takes the traditional Edinburgh Gin and infuses the spirit with fruits that have been macerated in pure sugar cane.

With production split across its two distilleries, Edinburgh Gin has found a winning botanical blend with its bottles securing accolades across the globe.

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