Tippler's Tales: Juicy Fuel

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Sip on a fizzy drink that's one of your five a day with The Juice Shed Company's Juicy Fuel Cola.

Established in 2007, The Juice Shed Company has created a fizzy drink that is one of your five a day.

Utilising natural ingredients, such as grape juice, lemon juice, kola nut extract and barley malt extract, Juicy Fuel creates a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, without impacting the flavour.

The focus on the drinker's health and welfare is at the core of this drink, using only necessary ingredients to produce their signature flavours creating a natural craft cola that fuels and refreshes your body in the right way.

Eliminating all harmful chemicals and preservatives, Juicy Fuel provides guilt-free sipping thanks to owner Andrew Webb’s experience as an Organic Farmer.

They may be one of the world's smallest cola companies, but just like their ingredients they are growing.

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