Top 10 wedding cocktails

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With wedding season in full swing, we’ve the ultimate wedding cocktail list so you can impress guests with the trendiest cocktails.

If there was ever an occasion for drinks to be flowing and glasses to be raised, wedding parties are the perfect time to enjoy a drink or two.

As cocktails can be twisted to suit each wedding, from colour coordinating to seasonal schemes, they’re the drink that’s s guaranteed to impress.

With wedding season in full swing, we've the ultimate wedding cocktail list so you can impress guests with the trendiest cocktails.


If it’s was good enough for Meghan Markle, it’s good enough for us. 

Typically served as an aperitif, the Negroni is an excellent choice to start the evening. Known for its balanced taste with strong, floral and bitter flavours combined, it’s the perfect cocktail for those with sophisticated palettes.

As this cocktail has quite the acquired taste, here’s your chance to get the pour just how you like it so you can order like a pro when you’re at the bar! Our Negroni cocktail box features the classic cocktail alongside a twist with the Americano - perfect for easing your tastebuds into the Italian flavour! 

2. Espresso Martini

Post- meal, we could all do with a little pick-me-up to get ready to hit the dance floor all night. The Espresso Martini’s caffeine kick is the solution. 

Reportedly one of the most popular cocktails in 2018, the Espresso Martini is guaranteed to wake you up without stopping the party spirit, thanks to its combination of vodka and coffee liqueur.

3. Aviation

The Aviation is a classic cocktail that stands out from the crowd thanks to its vibrant purple colour.

With a flavour reminiscent of Parma Violet sweets, it’s a great throwback cocktail while remaining on trend, as violet gin is seemingly set to takeover where the pink gin trend left off. 

4. French 75

Arguably the most popular choice at weddings all-year-round, the French 75’s addition of fizz makes it the celebratory cocktail of choice.

Combining Champagne (or Prosecco) with gin and lemon juice, you can even swap the fizz for rose bubbles to add a touch of colour to the day. 

5. Mojito

These long, hot summer days can leave you in need of a refreshing thirst quencher, particularly when you’re planning to last late into those “summer nights”!

The Mojito is a versatile refreshing drink that can be adapted to suit any taste, either seasonally with the addition of fruit or by swapping the soda for Champagne for the occasion!

6. Margarita

Prepare to party into the night with a touch of tequila thanks to the all-time classic, Margarita.

The Margarita is a versatile cocktail to that can be made to your exact taste simply by switching the fruit juice or liqueur.  Just make sure you know your favourite flavours to request!

7. Bellini

Closely related to the famed ‘morning’ mimosa,  peach puree takes a classic cocktail from Brunch to the big day.

With a splash of Champagne, the cocktail is a stylish sip that offers a refreshing and fruity drink to see you through the afternoon.

 8. White Cosmo

A classic made famous by the ever effervescent, Sex & the City squad, the traditional Cosmopolitan is always a crowd pleaser. But, a White Cosmo allows you to enjoy the classic cocktail with a wedding twist…taking out the fear of spilling your fav red drink on your outfit. We know Carrie would approve!

Swapping to white cranberry juice and switching the orange liqueur for elderflower, it’s a new summer wedding cocktail championed by St Germain Liqueur.

9. Daiquiri

Can you ever go wrong with a Daiquiri? It’s simplicity makes the cocktail accessible to all and with multiple variations, there’s bound to be a flavour for you.

Whether it’s frozen for summer or chilled for autumn, the Daiquiri can lead the way as the warm-up to the speeches.

 10. Old Fashioned

Weddings are often traditional fairs and what’s more traditional than the Old Fashioned?

Whether you prefer rum or whisky as a base, the Old Fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails around with a prestige history linking it to the now famed wedding hotspot the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar in New York City.

Fancy trying one of this year’s top wedding cocktails?

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