Mocktail Set


If you're craving for a delicious cocktail at home but are alcohol-free, whip up one of these non-alcoholic classics.

If you’re expectant or teetotal, you do not have to miss out on having a drink with friends.

The Premium Non Alcoholic Mocktail Set comes ready to mix, with everything you need to make four glasses of two delicious cocktail recipes – Flirt on the Beach and Nojito.

The box contains handpicked, premium ingredients, alongside the freshest juices and mixers to make the best tasting non-alcoholic cocktails you have ever had!

The perfect gift for Baby Showers, New Mums and Designated Drivers.

In The Box

2x Premium Cordials (50ml)

1x Orange Juice (250ml)

1x Cranberry Juice (250ml)

1x Apple Juice (250ml)

1x Premium Tonic (200ml)

1x Grenadine (50ml)

Two illustrated recipe cards with step by step instructions on how to make your cocktails

A copy of Muddle Magazine (RRP £4.95)