Pina Colada Cocktail Set


Featuring Dead Man’s Fingers Rum with two of their flavoured editions - coffee and coconut!

We’re bringing Tiki tipples to town this month as we celebrate rum’s rise to the top by shaking up two of the world’s most famous rum cocktails. Encapsulating the taste of the Caribbean in our cocktails, we’ve added a little British twist with Dead Man's Fingers Rum from Cornwall.

The Dead Man's Fingers comes ready to mix, with everything you need to make four glasses of two world famous rum cocktails - the Pina Colada and Zombie!

In The Box

2 x Dead Man's Fingers Coffee (5cl, 37.5% abv)

1 x Dead Man's Fingers Coconut (5cl, 37.5% abv)

1 x Blueberry Liqueur (5cl, 22% abv)

1 x HappyDown Lychee Guava Chilli (330ml, 4% abv)

1 x Frobishers Pineapplejuice (250ml)

1 x Dried garnish of coconut & pineapple