Christmas Gin Tasting Set


The ultimate Christmas gift for gin lovers, the Christmas Gin Tasting Set features eight gins from across the UK.

The gins include Rock Rose Gin, Edinburgh Gin Lakes Gin, Brecon Gin, Tarquin’s Gin, Kokoro Gin, 6 O’Clock Gin and Boe Gin ready to be sampled, sipped or added to a tonic or cocktail of choice to discover a new favourite gin. The Christmas Gin Tasting Set also includes four bespoke Gintensify Christmas gin sachets with a cranberry and orange blend to add a Christmas flavour to any at-home gin tasting session.

In The Box

1 x Rock Rose Gin 5cl
1 x Lakes Gin 5cl
1 x Brecon Gin 5cl
1 x Edinburgh Gin 5cl
1 x Tarquin’s Gin 5cl
1 x Kokoro Gin 5cl
1 x 6 o’Clock Gin 5cl
1 x Boe Gin 5cl
4 x Gintensify Christmas Gin Sachets

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.

Each set includes a copy of Muddle Magazine (RRP £4.95).