Liqueur Tasting Set


Build your home bar essentials and become a liqueur expert! The Liqueur Tasting Set comes ready to serve, with everything you need to get started with liqueur sampling.

The box contains eight handpicked premium and craft liqueurs from across the UK, accompanied by a fill-in tasting card.

PLEASE NOTE: Exact box contents may differ from what is shown, but will always match or exceed the value and quality of what is listed below.

In The Box

1x Belsazar Dry Vermouth (5cl, 19% abv)
1x Friary Liqueur Violet Liqueur (5cl, 22% abv)
1x Rhubarb Liqueur (5cl, 25% abv)
1x Lemon Liqueur (5cl, 24% abv)
1x Fruity Tipples Cherry Liqueur (5cl, 24% abv)
1x Ruby Blue Wild Cranberry Liqueur (5cl, 17%)
1x Old Fashioned English Toffee Vodka (5cl, 40% abv)
1x Bramley & Gage Greengage Liqueur (5cl, 17% abv)

A tasting accompaniment card
A copy of Muddle Magazine (RRP £4.95)