2 For £40 Mother's Day Martinis


This Mothering Sunday, host the perfect cocktail masterclass with four of our best-selling recipes! Only £40 for two boxes.

Each box comes ready to mix, with everything you need to make four cocktails from every box  - just add ice!

Pornstar Martini
Our most popular cocktail, the Pornstar Martini! Try this trend setter now …. Fruity and fabulous, a great way to enjoy Mother’s Day.

This Tipple Box features England’s Renaissance Vodka and contains everything you need to enjoy the trendy Pornstar Martini and the classic Sex on the Beach at home.

Espresso Martini
Trying to satisfy a complex palette? Look no further than the dark, robust notes of our Espresso Martini that will please even the most artisan of taste buds.

The Espresso Martini Cocktail Set comes ready to mix, with everything you need to make four glasses of two delicious cocktail recipes – the Espresso Martini and White Russian.

In The Box

Pornstar Martini:
2x Premium Vodka (5cl, 40% abv)
1x Passion Fruit Liquer (5cl, 18% abv)
1 x Peach Liqueur (5cl, 18% abv)
1x Passion Fruit & Mango Juice
1x Cranberry Juice (250 ml)
1x Sugar Syrup (50 ml)

Espresso Martini:
2x FIVE Vodka (50ml, 43% abv)
2x Friary Coffee Liqueur (50ml, 18% abv)
1x Merlyn Cream Liqueur (50ml, 18% abv)
1x Sugar Syrup (50ml)
1x Cold Brew Coffee (330ml)

Please note, box contents may differ from bottles decribed, box contents will match or exceed the value of products listed.