Muddle Magazine March 19


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In March’s edition of Muddle Magazine, we’re celebrating classic cocktails that have stood the test of time and their influence on cocktail culture.

From the sophisticated Martini to the refreshing Tom Collins, we’ve uncovered the tales of these timeless tipples and how they became unforgettable drinks, before they make their expected return to the top of the cocktail tier.

We’re separating the myths of mixology with our go-to guide on the logic between shaking and stirring a cocktail. Was James Bond’s ‘shaken not stirred’ method really the way to go?

Coinciding with our classic cocktail spotlight, we’re sharing National Drink Days so you can celebrate with a cocktail in hand, alongside the launch of a new UK wide Gin Festival kicking off in Glasgow.

This month, it’s all about Martin Miller’s Gin as we discover how a trip to a bar with friends for an afternoon tipple turned into the launch of one of London’s best-selling gins.

It’s time to grab a Martini, sit back, sip and enjoy!