Tom Collins Cocktail Set


A classic cocktail, redefined - the Tom Collins has stood the test of time, and with our cocktail set you can find out why - mix up this refreshing gin cocktail at home!

The Tom Collins set contains everything you need to make up to four glasses of two delicious cocktail recipes at home - just add ice!

The kit features hand-selected spirits, liqueurs, mixers and ingredients to make the best tasting cocktails. Each box contains easy to follow recipes to turn you into a cocktail master.

The cocktail recipes featured in the kit include the Tom Collins and Gin Martini cocktails.

A cocktail masterclass in the comfort of your house - get yours today!

In The Box

- 4x Martin Millers Icelandic Gin 5cl, 42%
- 1x Dry Vermouth 5cl, 18%
- 1x Lemon juice 25cl
- 1x Sugar Syrup 5cl
- 1x Fever-Tree Soda Water 200ml

- Two Step-By-Step Recipe Cards
- A Copy of Muddle Magazine (RRP £4.95)

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over. Please note, items can differ from the box contents listed. Box contents will match or exceed the value of what is listed.


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