French 75 Prosecco Cocktail Set


No special occasion should pass without the sound of bubbles, make yours extra special with our spring Prosecco box.

Featuring two of 2019’s must-have cocktails, the box comes with everything you need to mix four great cocktails, just add ice and shake them up.

With step-by-step recipe cards, mixing these great cocktails is simple and easy.

The cocktail recipes featured in the kit include the French 75 and Voilet Spritz cocktails.

The prosecco box contains hand-selected miniature spirits, liqueurs, mixers and sparkling wine. We choose only the most premium ingredients for the best cocktails you’ll ever make.

A cocktail masterclass in the comfort of your house - get yours today!

EXCLUSIVE - This set comes with our amazing shimmer syrup to add some sparkle and edible glitter to your cocktails!

Whether shaking up your own cocktail party or looking for the ultimate gift to impress, the prosecco cocktail kit is perfect for any prosecco lover.

In The Box

- 2x Masons Peppered Pear Gin 5cl, 42%
- 1x Violet Liqueur 5cl, 18%
- 1x Sparkling Wine 20cl
- 1x Lemon juice 25cl
- 1x Sugar Syrup 5cl
- 1x Fever-Tree Soda Water 200ml

- Two Step-By-Step Recipe Cards
- A Copy of Muddle Magazine (RRP £4.95)

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over. Please note, items can differ from the box contents listed. Box contents will match or exceed the value of what is listed.