Muddle Magazine June 19


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Inside this month's issue

In June’s edition of Muddle Magazine, we’re toasting and telling tales into the warm summer nights.

To savour every sip late into the night, we’re serving up whisky cocktails with two of the world’s most famous drinks - the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.

Alike any cocktail, the selected spirit is what makes a cocktail either good or great, that’s why we’ve handpicked Smokehead for our classic whisky cocktails. We’ll delve into the history behind the Islay single malt and why it’s smokiness perfectly complements our featured cocktails.

We’re also sharing the latest bar openings across the UK including a hidden speakeasy beneath a barbers in London to Nottingham’s new arcade- themed bar Penny Lane.

As the summer months are upon us, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite drinkstagrammers to share their ultimate summer sips!

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