Vodka: A Toast To The Purest Of Spirits


Author - Dave Broom

There is an old Latvian saying which translates something like, "The first glass of vodka is drunk to everybody's health, the second for pleasure, the third for insolence, the last for madness." All of this may be true, but vodka's popularity continues to grow while other spirits' sales tread water at best.

Vodka: A Toast to the Purest of Spirits describes the history of the spirit (its name comes from the Russian for water, voda), how it is distilled - with detailed explanations of how flavoured vodka is created, classic Vodka-based cocktails, where to buy the premier brands, even recipes, all in a handy pocket-sized book.

192 pages
186 x 131mm
Published Sep 2015
ISBN 9781853757860
Carlton Books